CEA Policies

High School Graduation

It is your choice of career & your choice of how to prepare. Depending on what you plan to do after High School should be the basis for your High School Curriculum.

CEA requires 24 credit hours for graduation. Most academic organizations require the four core subjects of math, science, english and history for the four years of high school. The remaining hours are completed with electives such as PE, Health, Work Co-op, Bible etc. Again this is the reason we homeschool - you build your study plan based on your family’s future plans.

A Carnegie "unit" of credit generally represents 50-60 minutes of instruction five times per week over the course of an academic year which consists of 180 days. A subject conducted as such is 1 credit hour.

We will need all of the student grades for 9-12 to complete a final Transcript. There will be a $20 Transcript Fee. Please email us if you are planning to graduate and we will send out a reminder email in the spring semester.

Parents will need to order a ($60 average) Navy Graduation Package with Personalized Diploma from HSLDA for students to walk at Graduation Ceremony. Please place CEA Director on left signature line and Teacher on right signature line on the Diploma There is a $30 CEA Graduation Fee (whether one participates in the ceremony or not). We do not furnish the diploma, its is the families responsibility. A Graduation ceremony is conducted at Life's Journey Church in the early June time frame in Huntsville, Al.

Finally, we believe that parents and or guardians are totally responsible for their family's education. The Contemporary Education Academy serves as a Church School to facilitate the family in its' educational endeavors through homeschooling. Therefore, the CE Academy makes no promise as to the acceptance of your student's grades or transcripts by other educational activities or organizations.

If you have any questions please reach out to us via email or phone!


If you do not have a computer, please consider using a library or friend's and obtain a free email address from hotmail.com or gmail.com as examples.

We do not require standard testing such as SAT. You are welcome to use other testing if you want to assess your students. 

We also highly recommend membership in the HomeSchool Legal Defense Association at HSLDA. Enrollment though it is not required. Our discount number with HSLDA is 299619.

Attendance & Tuition

The Contemporary Education Academy serves as a Church School to facilitate the family in their educational endeavors. Therefore, CEAcademy makes no promise as to the acceptance of your family grades by other educational activities or organizations. 

Yearly Attendance Standards

Our school year starts on the 4th of July and ends on the 3rd of July each year. Families may start actual or recorded school year later than 4 July (though you need to start within 3 days of your local public schools). We believe home education is a 365 days a year venture between parent/guardian and student. School days are considered to consist of at least 3 to 4 core learning subjects or at least 3 to 4 full hours of education at a minimum. The core learning of different subjects can alternate each day and the hours can be at home or on field trips where learning is accomplished as determined by the parent.

CEAcademy requires 180 school days a year. We allow 20 days for parent/teacher discretion such as teacher or student sick days, or teacher prep days (please note these on your attendance forms). 

We use Homeschoolreporting.com to keep your family attendance online. Attendance is a requirement! CEA will check your attendance status online twice a year. At the mid point in January and at the End of the year around June. Failure to keep attendance could result in dismissal. Please fill out the withdrawal form if you are planning on withdrawing from CEA. We will then send a note to your Superintendent that you have withdrawn from CEA.

Reports submitted after these dates and/or any returned fee payments will each have a $30 penalty fee.

Yearly Fees

Submit your FEES to CEA. 1st year is $95 and then $70 every year thereafter. When re-enrolling, one will only need to send the $70 tuition fee and be reactivated into HomeschoolReporting. If you have been inactive with us for more than a semester or year you will need to re-enroll like a new family and let us know so we can turn your Homeschoolreporting profile back on.

Reports submitted after school start dates and/or any returned fee payments will each have a $30 penalty fee. Failure to comply with these processes are grounds for dismissal. We are required to notify public officials when you leave CEA.

Grade Reports & Records

Families will develop a curriculum plan (see our curriculum page for possible curriculum). Families will develop student study plans, and keep grades of their lessons and test scores. It is recommended to do this and especially maintain for high school students.

Families will maintain Student Records & Grades at your home. You will complete your own report cards. There will be an additional fee $20 for CEA to complete a transcript, to request transcript please email us. Please provide grades and where transcripts are to be mailed when submitting fee. Again use Homeschoolreporting.com to enter your student grades. Grades are optional except for High School and when requesting transcripts.

Drivers Permit/License or Letter of Enrollment
If you need a form for a Drivers Permit, Drivers License of a letter of enrollment please email us. Let us know what form you are requesting and we will send back to you in a 48 hour time period. 

If a family recommends another family and they join CEA, a $25 referral fee will be paid to the recommending family. It is the responsibility of the recommending family to notify us when the family joins, so we can send the fee. Please fill out the referral form to notify us!