Curriculum Options

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It is up to you as the parent and teacher to select the curriculum that is right for your family and student. You are free to select any appropriate curriculum and annotate it on your Enrollment Statement. Below are our online curriculum options as well as well known curriculum publishers. These are just some of the options offered for homeschool families. You only need to select one model of curriculum, either standard textbooks or online courses. Let us know if you any questions with selecting your curriculum! Simply email us at .

CEA Online Curriculum

  • All materials are online.
  • We offer 2 Options for your choice (Basic & Administered).
  • The ultimate in self paced learning.
  • Prepares your children’s skill sets for the 21st century.
  • Recognized nationally.
  • Proven very successful in CEA with several students graduating because of program versus dropping out of school as well as graduating and/or going on to college.
  • Offer a multiple student discount for families that want more than one student to do online courses.

Explore in more detail the two options for our online courses!

Other Suggested Curriculum Sources:

Christian Liberty  (K-12 Correspondence)

ABeka (K-12 VCR/DVD) 

Robinson (K-12 CD-ROM)

Bob Jones (Individual Subjects or Complete)