Summer Course


Student are allowed to pick a set of courses from below and can take during the months of June & July. Total cost is $150. Students work will be graded by a CEA Facilitator and a grade report will be sent at the end of the summer term. All courses are online, requires a good internet connection and computer. A great way to get caught up on some courses or to gain electives.  Simply fill out the form and we will get back to you to get setup!

Pick two from the list below:

ACT Test Prep
Algebra I Fundamentals
Algebra II Fundamentals

American Literature
British Literature
Business Computer Information Systems
College Planner
Consumer Math
Digital Arts
Essentials of Business
Essentials of Math
Family and Consumer Science
Foundations for Living
Health Quest
Music Appreciation
Music Theory
Personal Financial Literacy
Physical Education
Physical Fitness
Speech: Essentials of Communication
20th Century American History

Career Exploration Courses
A/V Tech and Film Careers
Banking Services
Business Law
Career Explorations 1
Career Explorations 2
Career Management
Careers in Allied Health
Careers in Logistics Planning and Management Services
Careers in Manufacturing Processes
Careers in Marketing Research
Construction Careers
Engineering and Design
Engineering and Innovation
Engineering and Product Development
Fundamentals of Computer Systems
Fundamentals of Digital Media
Fundamentals of Programming and Software Development
Intro to Careers in Architecture and Construction
Intro to Careers in Arts, A/V Tech, and Communications
Intro to Careers in Education and Training
Intro to Careers in Finance
Intro to Careers in Gov and Public Administration
Intro to Careers in Manufacturing
Intro to Careers in Marketing
Intro to Careers in Transporation, Distribution, and Logisitics
Intro to Consumer Services
Intro to IT
Intro to IT Support and Services
Intro to Network Systems
Keyboarding and Applications

Fill out this form or go to the fees page to pay for the courses!

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Please let us know which courses your student wants to take below. As well as Student Name, we will email you back with an invoice and log in for the summer courses.