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Our Online Program has proven very successful with several of our students completing high school and graduating versus dropping out. And several students have also accelerated their studies to make up for lost time or have graduated earlier using our online courses.

This  shows a traditional cost of textbooks and teacher manuals as an example. The traditional curriculum does not include the automated lesson planning, grading and connection with Homeschoolreporting as our Online Program provides. Our Online Program does include online textbooks, lessons, quizzes and tests. We do offer multiple student discounts if there is more than one student in a family that wants to use the online courses. Simply email us for information on the multiple student discount. 

In addition, we offer other courses that can be used as electives for students or used by parents themselves as Adult Learning options. These include Office Technology, College Planner, Business Computer Information Systems, etc.

Basic Online Curriculum

Parent Controlled with CEA monitoring only.

Total Monthly Fee is $64.95 for unlimited subjects per student.

  • Processes monitored by CEA. (Course setup, staying on track)

  • Parents grade essay questions, tests, and quizzes.

  • End of the Year grades entered into Homeschoolreporting by CEA.

Administered Online Curriculum

CEA Online Director assists with the process as a Facilitator.

Total Monthly Fee is $99.95 for unlimited subjects per student.

  • Semester Grades entered into Homeschoolreporting by CEA.

  • Essay questions graded and processes administered by CEA.

  • Transcripts generated at end of year in Homeschoolreporting by CEA. (No Transcript fee)

Benefits of Online Courses:

It is a comprehensive, Biblically-based curriculum that offers computer-based learning for grades 3-12. It provides an interactive learning environment with 3-D animation, video clips, and other fascinating multimedia. It provides automatic grading, record keeping, and lesson planning with the click of a mouse, allowing more time for families.

  • Computerized scoring & Parent or Facilitator scoring of subjective answers.

  • Immediate answer reinforcement.

  • Academic projection for graduation based on computer database.

  • Engaging multi-media content.

  • Enrichment web-sites and hands-on projects.

  • View grades online.

        Prepares student for the 21st Century while at home, your office or on the road (high speed internet required).

Send monthly tuition needed by the 10th of each month. As of Jan 1 2017 there will be a late fee if we receive your tuition after the 10th!

Find out about our multiple student discounts! Email Brandy to find out more information.

Online Courses Log In Page

Tech Support for online courses is 877.251.6662 (Monday-Friday 7-5 CST). This is for any questions concerning your internet connection or software. For grades and lessons please reach out to your CEA contact.