Request to JOIN BOTH our Online Yahoogroup and our Online Homeschoolreporting. We use Yahoogroups to communicate in CEA and Homeschoolreporting for online record keeping. Enroll at Homeschoolreporting with Contemporary Education at the drop down menu. Disregard the $20 family fee at sign up or the account or codes when signing up in Homeschoolreporting. You can also use your own email as the alternate after joining CEA Yahoogroups. Again need to join BOTH to be enrolled with CEA.


      Submit your FEES to CEA with Fees/Paypal. Fees consist of 1st year admin fee $25 and yearly family tuition $70. This $70 includes the $10 Homeschoolreporting fee. Method of payment is either Fees/Paypal or checks by snail mail. 1st year is $95 and then $70 every year thereafter. 

If Reenrolling, one will only need to send a $70 tuition fee and be active in Homeschoolreporting.


      Complete FORMS & ONLINE RECORDS. After we receive your fees, you will be sent TWO CEA FORMS (Church School Enrollment and Record Release) in your email you joined under. You can use the free Sign Now online software to fill in the blanks and sign online for rapid completion or you can manually fill out. Follow the instructions on the FORMS. Mail to the Superintendent’s address you filled in (Superintendent Phone List for contact if needed for address) and to CEA. During the year you can continue to fill in your ONLINE RECORDS such as Attendance and Grades at Homeschoolreporting.com. Families will be responsible for their RECORDS and reporting periods. NOTE: You have not completed enrollment until we receive your Church School Enrollment Form and you have joined BOTH Yahoogroups and Homeschoolreporting.

For Reenrollment we only need your family tuition fee and for you to be active in CEA Yahoogroup and Homeschoolreporting.


      Withdraw From SCHOOL. Follow the withdrawal process at the former school using the Record Release Form. You can ask for your school records. The school normally sends them to CEA and we then send them to you to maintain. In the future, notify us if you withdraw from CEA. We will then send a note to your Superintendent that you have withdrawn from CEA.


      Read CEA POLICY. We have a small number of Policies but it is important to understand them all.


      Select YOUR CURRICULUM. Each family selects their own Curriculum. We offer some suggestions and offer our own Online Curriculum. We even offer Courses for the Parents because learning is life long.

Families can make their own I.D. cards. These are optional for use in discount situations.

**Failure to comply with this process is grounds for dismissal! We have to notify public officials of such.**

Again each family is responsible for their student(s) education. The Contemporary Education Academy serves as a Church School to facilitate the family in its' educational endeavor. Therefore, the CE Academy makes no promise as to the acceptance of your family grades by other educational activities or organizations.

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